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What is the personalized training catalog?

Every individual is unique, and for that reason Oracle University created the free personalized training catalog. The personalized catalog is your very own, on demand, customized training catalog with just the content that you want to see.

Why should I sign up?

  • Setting up the guide is quick, free and easy,
  • The catalog is customizable to your exact needs & interests,
  • Keep in touch with all the very latest products & schedules automatically,
  • See newly released courses, as and when they are scheduled,
  • Keep in touch with all the very latest training delivery formats for anytime training.
Personalized Training Catalog Received

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How do I create my own catalog?

Creating your personalized guide is easy with our quick, 2-step "sign up" process.

Simply click on the "Create My Free Catalog Now" button below and sign in using your free Oracle Single sign on account.

Alternatively simply click on "Sign Up for a free Oracle Web account" on the Oracle Single Sign On page and complete the simple form.

Once you have completed the Oracle Single sign on, complete the quick personal catalog form, selecting the content that you would like to see. Selectable items include:

  1. Training curriculum,
  2. Countries,
  3. Locations,
  4. Schedule duration &
  5. Finally, Frequency of catalog dispatch that you want to see.

Once completed, press "Submit" & that's it, the guide will be on it's way to your specified email address.

If you also selected to also receive copies weekly or Monthly they will automatically be dispatched to you at the desired frequency. If you want to cancel at any time simply click on the "Unsubscribe button" within the personal catalog, it's that easy.

Create your personalized Oracle Training Catalog, it’s free, quick & easy, why not try it now ..

Create My Personalize Catalog Now