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Oracle LaunchPad


Oracle LaunchPad Ranks

Demonstrate achievement and keep learning with Oracle LaunchPad Ranks. Move up the ranks by engaging with content to earn points and badges. Share your progress along the way!

How do I earn Ranks and Points?

When you complete modules either alone or as part of learning path, and successfully pass its quiz, you’re awarded points and earn badges. As your points and badges add up, you will be rewarded with higher ranks. Points are awarded by passing module quizzes. Quizzes have a sliding points scale starting at 100 points if you get it right on the first try, 50 points on your second try and 25 points on any other attempts. Do you have what it takes to become a Leader, Master or the ultimate, Elite?

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The new Oracle Learning Explorer program offers entry-level training courses and accreditation for Oracle's entire product portfolio. It was designed to empower professionals across the globe to begin cultivating valuable IT skills. Start your journey today.

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